Starter solution for Filemaker


Jumpstart your next Filemaker project!

Once you have created a few Filemaker projects, you realize that some of your work should be part of your next solution. Mostly this has to do with basic functionality, like a navigation, a user management solution, etc. It makes sense to combine these tasks into a single file and use that as a starting point for your next Filemaker project.

FM Starter is such a starter file. Jumpstart your next project, without the need to reinvent the wheel every time. Build on proven technology and sound principles. Learn. Replace what you do not like and turn this starter package into your very own solution starter!




  • Full access to a good starter file for Filemaker
  • Change the settings according to your needs, instead of recreating everything from scratch
  • Get new ideas and a sound structure
  • Integrate your own tasks, modules, and functions
  • Create stunning new Filemaker applications
  • Jumpstart your next project!


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