QuickSort is a Filemaker module to generically sort a table. It is intended to quickly be implemented in list views. Every column receives a button (or: clickable text field), which points at the QuickSort script. The field name is added as a script parameter. That’s all – it works in all tables. The selected column will be sorted in ascending or descending order (switching).

How it works

The script evaluates the field name, which was handed over as a script parameter. It then cycles through all field names until the field matches the name of the script parameter. The sorting will then be activated for that column.

This works marvellous for the table of the current layout. Linked tables though cannot be included. Whenever you have a list with mixed tables, the fields of linked tables need a manual set-up for sorting.



  • Generic sorting module
  • Perfect for list views
  • Easy to implement


The module file has a complete description how to implement the solution. Look for the settings script of the module scripts, which has step-by-step guidelines. The file comes with a simple example.