Sorting module for Filemaker Pro



Sorting module for Filemaker Pro


QuickSort is a small module for Filemaker Pro, which simplifies the sorting of tables. It can be used in all those instances where simple table views must be sorted quickly to any field of that table.

The module ist just a single script. There is no need for added tables, layouts or even configuration. To make the script work, it only needs the fieldname as a script parameter.

To make a script like this work anywhere, it should be possible to hand-over the field name as a variable. Unfortunately this is not directly possible in Filemaker Pro. Therefor a trick is applied: The script loops through all fields of a layout, until the proper fieldname (= Script parameter) has been found. It then triggers the sorting. The script assumes two things to be true:

  1. All fields have a tab order number
  2. All fields need to be from the table of the layout (relations are not supported)

Once this is in place, it all works pretty simple. Below are a few screenshots to tell the story.


QuickSort for Filemaker Pro


Every column has a button, for which a script is activated (button setup). As a script parameter the fieldname is defined. That is all that is needed. There is no configuration, and the script can be applied to any sorting of any table.





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