User Management

UserManagement  is a Filemaker module to handle user accounts. Users are listed in a table and are assigned to user groups. User groups are based on Filemaker accounts. Users of the same group share the same Filemaker accounts (security settings, access rights, etc.) though each user has its own login name and password. There are 6 predefined accounts, 1 for administrators and 5 to freely configure. More can be added if needed. The Filemaker accounts are set-up once and then handled by the module.

How it works

Filemaker has excellent account management built in. Accounts are normally user-based. Filemaker manages those accounts. If you need a better, enhanced or more transparent way of handling those accounts, you have to create your own user management. This is such a solution.

The idea behind this implementation is, that many users share the same kind of rights. It is very likely that administrators, the bookkeeping or sales department all have identical rights. If that is the case, one could reduce the number of accounts to groups, instead of individuals, and let each group share the same settings. In this Filemaker Module, the Filemaker Accounts are used as group accounts, and users are assigned to a group (with an own name and password, and additional settings as you prefer).


  • Manage users in a table
  • Individual logins for every user
  • Start- and End-dates for access
  • Users always belong to a group
  • A group matches a Filemaker account
  • Every group has its own rights and settings (Filemaker account settings)
  • Login-procedure has secure settings
  • Assign menu-sets and landing pages for every group


Die Moduldatei hat eine komplette (englische) Beschreibung wie die Lösung aufgebaut ist und angewendet wird, Schritt für Schritt-Anleitungen und Beispiele. Siehe dort.

Developer access

The module shows a typical enduser login. From the start screen of the module you can activate developer access by clicking on the available buttons.