3 examples of a dynamic navigation with Filemaker

An example file with three variants of dynamic navigation. The file was created for a presentation at the Filemaker Conference 2016 in Salzburg.

3 variants for a dynamic navigation

  1. The navigation table is accessed via relations. (See also this old example.)
  2. The navigation table is populated into a global repeating field.
  3. The navigation table is filled into a global repeating field whose repetitions are used for a button bar.

The third variant is considered to be the most flexible. It is easy to implement, but requires further development.


Is there a ready-made solution?

Yes, but not as a free module. The best version is included in FM Starter, our starter file for new FileMaker projects. FM Starter has a multilingual, dynamic navigation with support for user groups, platforms and more. For new projects, FM Starter is the better choice and offers much more functionality. More about FM Starter can be found here:

FM Starter