3 variants for a dynamic navigation

How to create a multilingual user interface? Here is a sample file with 3 different approaches. All approaches have in common that the navigation originates from a navigation table. This makes it particularly easy to maintain the navigation or even expand it with functions.

The third example of the file shows the best version. In this method, the details of a navigation table are stored in a global repetition field. This can now be addressed everywhere or can be filled in other objects (for example: button bar).

  1. The navigation table is addressed via relations.
  2. The navigation table is filled into a global repeating field.
  3. The navigation table is filled into a global repeating field, whose repetitions are used for the button bar.

The third variant is considered to be the most flexible. It is easy to implement, but requires further development.

Dynamic Navigation in FileMaker Pro

Beispieldatei. Benötigt minimal FileMaker Pro 15.
Sample file. Requires FileMaker Pro 15 or higher.

Size: 340 kB
Version: 1.2
Published: 3. March 2021