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29. April 2021In Add-onsBy Karsten Risseeuw2 Minutes

FileMaker add-ons are an ingenious way to simplify your own development with ready-made building blocks. The concept for add-ons is impressive, because for the first time FileMaker developers can easily create add-ons themselves. The new “Add-On Lab FREE” shows how to do this and summarizes most of the available information about FileMaker Add-ons.

Add-ons are modular building blocks that can be easily imported into FileMaker. It is possible to create items that you place on the page using drag-and-drop. Creating add-ons makes sense, as also you can create building blocks for your next projects. Anyone who has previously got the impression that add-ons always have to do with Javascript and are terribly complicated, fails to recognize the power of the idea. It’s not about Javascript or highly complex solutions, it’s about creating and using building blocks. These can be simple solutions in FileMaker.

You create an add-on from a file. Start a new add-on with a new file. Then you export the file as an add-on and the add-on includes tables, layouts, scripts and custom functions. As an add-on, it can be easily added to any file.

Add-on Lab FREE

The free “Add-On Lab FREE” tool is a FileMaker file and offers two things:

  1. Create add-ons from any file
  2. Summarize almost all information currently available

So far, Claris has hardly released any information about add-ons. Many details are unknown. Valuable information can currently be found on and a few other websites. There the information is explained in various articles. We have summarized the collected information for creating add-ons in this file.

Add-on Lab PRO

Soon there will also be a Pro version, with which additional add-ons can be managed and information adjusted. Whoever downloads the free information will be automatically informed when the Pro version will be available.

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