FM Starter 2.1 with german manual

FM Starter 2.1 with german manual

The latest version of FM Starter contains several bugfixes and small improvements. As an extensive innovation there is now also a German manual included. This should make it easier for German-speaking developers to explore the possibilities of the FileMaker Starter solution.

Version 2.1

The following improvements have been implemented:

  • German manual
  • User accounts: The email address is correctly editable again.
  • Global navigation: Assignment of user groups now also works correctly for indented menu items
  • Global navigation and scripts: Workaround for FileMaker file names with extra dot in name (scripts didn’t work)
  • Various small improvements

All adjustments are documented in the ToDo module.


The manual is available on

The manual is also part of the download of the starter file. Customers will find it in their account:

FM Starter is sold inclusive one year with free updates.

What is FM Starter?

FM Starter is a startup file for new FileMaker projects. Standard features like dynamic navigation, user management and many more are included. With FM Starter new projects can be realized much easier and faster. FM Starter is a product of Kursiv Software.

New login procedure for FM Starter 2

New login procedure for FM Starter 2

New in FM Starter 2.08

Kursiv just enhanced the user management solution as integrated with FM Starter 2. Accounts with expiring passwords are now supported directly. The login procedure has been enhanced.

Two-phase login procedure

The most prominent enhancement in this release is a two-phase login procedure. When landing on the login page, the user enters the user name (or: email) first. It is then verified if there is a user with this identifier. Next the password field is presented, just as in many other websites and apps. The password is checked upon as well and the final login is done, access is granted, settings are read and the user is forwarded to the proper landing page of the solution. This is all done by the module “UAC UserAccounts”, which is part of FM Starter. The module has been upgraded for FM Starter 2.08.

Expiring account passwords

Expiring passwords are now supported by the module. User must choose a new password at their next sign-in. To enable this feature, some modifications and enhancements had to be made to the login procedure.

Until now the data from the user table had been used. Both user name and password were checked against the entries in the user table. This part needed to be enhanced.

By including the option of expiring passwords, we also improved overall security and privacy for data. When a user signs in and defines a new password, this new password is not saved back into the user table. Only the user knows his password and FileMaker manages the account details internally. User passwords are now 100% private.

By improving the security this way, the combination of a user name + user password could no longer be searched for in the user table. The module UAC UserAccounts had to be upgraded.

New login page

The login page has been completely revamped and now supports a multi-phased login procedure. To implement this functionality on a single page, a slide object has been used with 3 slides:

  1. Email/User name
  2. Password + Login
  3. New password + proceed to 2.

When verifying if the email (user name) is available as an active account in the system, it also checks on the type of account to prepare the proper login scenario. This is something the user does not see, and which is coming from the UAC UserAccounts module. When the settings of the account reveal an expiring password, the user has to create a new password.

A transparent slide object is used to show all these options on a single page. The module redirects the user to the proper slide of the object.

Are there additional adjustments?

The basics of this upgrade are simple: A single field has been added to one of the tables, the content of two scripts must be replaced and the login page has changes as mentioned above.

If you want to upgrade an older solution with these enhancements, please check the ToDo-window in FM Starter 2.08 where all the changes are listed.

The next video shows the enhancements.

"This is an amazingly well crafted database. I am super impressed!"

Tanya Check about FM Starter 2

Tanya Check, Creative Technology
Tasman, New Zealand

FM Starter 2 is now available

New version: FM Starter 2

The starting point for new FileMaker projects is now available in version 2

Kursiv just launched the new version FM Starter 2. The starter file for new FileMaker projects has all basic functions you need to start almost any project. The lean and clean interface and transparent project structure help you to create new FileMaker projects even simpler and quicker.

What is new for FM Starter 2?

The most important improvement is the simplification of all functions. “In programming you not only want to conquer complexity, but also create simplicity. To simplify functions and module has been the goal for this release”, says Karsten Risseeuw, developer of FM Starter 2. “The core modules for navigation, user accounts and multilingual text labels have been completely rewritten. But there are also some new modules, like a module for multilingual help texts or a To-Do-list for for developers. Most important: We also left out several modules from the previous version. The focus is more on background functionality for the developer as functions for the final product.”

The user interface has been greatly improved and now is much more accessible. The included standard theme for design again has been improved.

Work more productive

FM Starter is neither an address database nor an ERP-software. That is up to you to create. FM Starter is exactly what every developer needs for any new project: all the basics in one file. Among the typical functions are a dynamic navigation which can be copied and pasted to any layout, a flexible user account management solution, a project structure and much more.

Best of all: Everything is well integrated and works together. For example, the entire file and all modules are multilingual from the start. That also counts for the user account module, the navigation module, and every text object on every page.

This starter file does not do your work, but it enables you to do your work much simpler. In no-time new projects can be created. They look good from the beginning and have all basic functions already integrated. Simplifying is the way to go. This is achieved by making everything configurable. The developer has its own interface with the developer Dashboard. Here you find all settings and options for the file as well as for the integrated modules. Maintenance scripts simplify cleaning up your solution, creating backups and do other repetitive tasks. Almost all funtionality has been grouped and developed as modules. This makes them easy to understand and simple to configure.

More products for FileMaker developers

Kursiv Software lowered the price for FM Starter. This matches their new strategy to create a series of complementing products, each for clearly defined tasks, but working well together. Smaller software packages, but more different options.

Apart from FM Starter there is already FM Registrations, a tool to create license codes for your FileMaker applications. This makes it extremely simple to sell your own standard solutions. FM Starter 2 comes with an already implemented decoding module for FM Registrations codes. FM Starter 2 is the perfect fit to FM Registrations and simplifies the integration.

More products are in preparation. Our mission is to create reliable and scalable FileMaker products for dedicated developers, to simplify and drastically boost professional development.

Further information

There is a free upgrade for all licenses purchased in 2018 and 2019. All buyers already received a download. There are no other upgrades or incentives (hey, we lowered the pricetag!).

FM Starter 2 is a product by Kursiv Software in St. Gallen (Switzerland). Product information is available on the website The product itself can be purchased at

User Accounts 2

User Accounts 2

User account management for FileMaker

User Accounts 2 is a FileMaker module which manages FileMaker user accounts with a user table. A few years ago we already released another tool for this task. This newest version though is much improved and simpler to handle.

  • FileMaker based user management module
  • Manage accounts with a user table
  • Every user gets its own FileMaker account
  • The module synchronizes between user table and FileMaker accounts
  • Complete login strategy
  • Set-up as a FileMaker module for easy integration

  • No support for expiring passwords (support for expiring passwords is implemented in FM Starter 2)

The following animated GIF shows how a new account is created. The account also appears properly in the FileMaker security settings.


The module has a step-by-step guide to implement the module into your own solution. It is very simple. Read this guide in the scripts!

FM Registrations 1.31

FM Registrations 1.31

FM Registrations 1.31 was released today. The free update includes several improvements and bugfixes and has a renewed example file for a rapid integration into your solutions. The update is free for all registered users which can download the filemaker files directly from their order at

Unlock codes for your own FileMaker solutions

FM Registrations creates encrypted unlock codes for your own FileMaker Pro solutions. Use FM Registrations to create software profiles with parameters needed, to register customers and to generate license codes with unique settings. FM Registrations encrypts the information and parameters you wish to include, and offers an example file how to decrypt and validate the registration code in your solution. When the customer registers his copy of your software with their registration code, all information is decrypted. You will then receive all information for further processing, like an expiry date, the number of users for this license and other parameters you wish to include. FM Registrations can be used to unlock, upgrade or even to configure your solution by sending a simple code to your customers.

More information:

WordPress REST API, JSON and FileMaker Pro

WordPress REST API, JSON and FileMaker Pro

An example file for the interaction between FileMaker Pro 16 and the WordPress REST API. This is not a ready-to-go solution, but the file shows several core techniques. Especially the processing of JSON data is shown here, and this file can be used to learn how JSON works in connection with FileMaker Pro.

  • REST API for WordPress and WooCommerce
  • Read JSON data (Insert from URL / cURL: GET)
  • Interpret JSON data
  • Parse JSON data into records
  • Build JSON blocks from records

The interaction between FileMaker Pro and web technologies is dramatically simplified by JSON. Knowing JSON helps to integrate with many webservices through a standardized interface. All techniques shown here not only apply to WordPress, but also to many other services.

All Kursiv products are compatible with FileMaker Pro 16

Compatability with FileMaker Pro 16

Last night FileMaker presented its newest flagship: FileMaker Pro 16. All Kursiv products run smoothly with this newest release:

  • KIM Keywording
  • FM Starter
  • FM Registrations

FileMaker Pro 16 comes with a wide range of important new features. The file format though remained the same. All our database solutions run without problems with this newest Release.



Simple Backup

What does SimpleBackup do?

SimpleBackup is a FileMaker module to create Backups or Snapshots of local files. It can be used for runtime versions as well. SimpleBackup creates backup files with a timestamp in the name of both the main file and (optionally) of any related FileMaker files.

  • Generic backup-module for FileMaker
  • Backups or snapshots with a timestamp in the file names
  • Choose any folder to save the backup to
  • Save the main file plus (optionally) all related FileMaker files in a single step.
  • Easy to implement and easy to use
  • Optional: Create a backup when closing the main file.


There is a step-by-step guide included in the scripts, which will help you to quickly integrate the module into your own solutions.

License keys for FileMaker solutions

License keys for FileMaker solutions

How do you create proper unique licenses for your own FileMaker projects? For this task FM Registrations has been created. FM Registrations generates unique encrypted license codes, by which your customers can unlock your FileMaker solutions.

License your standard solutions multiple times

FM Registrations is typically used for standard solutions, which you like to license multiple times. If, for example, you have created an address database, a CRM solution or developed any other FileMaker based solution for a larger audience, you need a method to simplify and standardize licensing and (un)locking your software for multiple customers. This enables you to, let’s say, have a test version of your software available for download and after purchasing a licensing, you can send the customer a license code to unlock the software.

The possibility to “license” a software almost always demands the registration of a licensee, as well as a definition of what this “unlocking” should achieve. Think of one or more of the following situations:

  • Protection of your own software
  • Unlocking a full version
  • Unlocking of modules or functions
  • Unlocking an update
  • Unlocking a new expiry date
  • Unlocking additional users
  • etc.


Registration, unlocking and configuration

FM Registrations solves multiple needs at once: The application has an integrated address database for licensees, it generates codes to unlock your FileMaker solution and additionally allows you to configure your software by sending unlock-informations embedded in the encrypted license key. All options are well documented and the example file shows step-by-step how to integrate the software into your own solutions.