Better registration emails from FM Registrations

Update version 1.60

18. June 2021In FM RegistrationsBy Karsten Risseeuw3 Minutes

The new update for FM Registrations has improvements for the registration emails. As before, license details can be conveniently sent to the customer by email. These emails can now be adapted even better to your own needs.

Improved and simplified

Existing customers (bought last year) can now download the new version 1.60 from their account at The update includes some minor bug fixes, various adjustments and some improvements. In particular, the email template can be set up better, through which the license details are sent to the customer. The template has been improved and working with the template has been simplified. The template shows a FileMaker calculation in which information and text modules can be easily inserted. When using text modules, the template (and thus the email) remains multilingual. Texts can be edited or generated at any time using the “Translations Toolbox”.

How to update your license

Updating from an older version is easy:

  • Download the new version from your account
  • Unzip and open the file – enter your registration data
  • Click on “Update” on the start page (or go to Import / Export)
  • Open your old file next to the new file (this will install the appropriate rights for the update)
  • Import your data from the old file from the new file
  • That’s it!

What is FM Registrations?

FM Registrations is a FileMaker solution that can be used to generate license codes for your own FileMaker projects. Many FileMaker developers want to sell their work multiple times. This requires a strategy. Part of this strategy can be to unlock the same installation file using license codes. This means that a software solution can be distributed “neutrally” and personalized access data can be sent to the customer after the sale.

In addition, the access code can be used to send configuration data, such as an expiry date, the number of users and tags for configuration. Provided that the appropriate scripts take up this information, adjustments can also be made later via code without having to access the installation at the customer’s. Does the customer want access to more employees? All you need to do is send a new code. Should the annual subscription be extended for another year? The customer can activate this extension with a new code.

You can find more information about FM registrations here:

License codes for your FileMaker solutions