Corona virus: We continue our work

The effects of the highly infectious corona virus are enormous. We too are affected by it. But we use the time to develop new products. For support requests we can also help remotely.

The necessary restrictions resulting from the rapid spread of the COVID-19 virus are evident everywhere. Since yesterday, all schools in Switzerland are closed. Since yesterday evening most shops have been closed and many employees are working from their home offices. The impact on the economy is enormous. This lockdown affects us as well. Everyone is improvising. The important thing is that we take the situation seriously and adapt to the new conditions for work.

It seems important not to lose our heads, but to work actively on internal business processes. FileMaker developers can work from anywhere and deliver good solutions to their customers. We do the same when we use these days to complete new products.

We wish all our readers courage and confidence!

Karsten Risseeuw

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