FM Designer is a collection of themes for FileMaker. They are style sheets that can be applied to objects and layout parts. A theme helps to create consistent user interfaces and to manage all information in a single place. FM Designer provides 10 such themes.

FM Designer includes 10 themes, which are divided into two groups: 5 themes for general applications and 5 themes for special tasks. Together they solve many of the challenges that can arise when developing new software solutions. FM Designer is the perfect complement to FM Starter, our startup file for new FileMaker projects. FM Designer can also be used for any other FileMaker project.

10 themes

FM Designer has 10 themes in one FileMaker file, including an object to illustrate each style. All designs are structured identically and can be switched to another design with a click of the mouse.

Design development tool

FM Designer is structured in such a way that new themes can be added easily. You can also, for example, duplicate a design in order to then adapt it to your own needs. Color palettes in various formats are also included with each design for comprehensive use – this means that harmonious color accents, for example for icons, can be set in other programs.

Compatible with FM starter

The first theme is the standard theme, which is also used in FM Starter. FM Starter is our start-up file for new FileMaker projects. If you are already working with it, you can load new theme from FM Designer and then change the look-and-feel per page with a click of the mouse. It has never been easier to set your accent on new projects.

Extensive documentation

Here, on this website, you will find detailed documentation and videos on how to get started with your design.

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