Design basics for FileMaker projects

10 themes for outstanding user interfaces.

FM Designer is a collection of themes for FileMaker. They are style sheets that can be applied to objects and layout parts. A theme helps to create consistent user interfaces and to manage all information in a single place. FM Designer provides 10 such themes.

FM Designer includes 10 designs, which are divided into two groups: 5 designs for general applications and 5 designs for special tasks. Together they solve many of the challenges that can arise when developing new software solutions. FM Designer is the perfect complement to FM Starter, our startup file for new FileMaker projects. FM Designer can also be used for any other FileMaker project.

Dark design, as one of the available themes in FM Designer.

Standard Designs

  • FMD01 STANDARD (Grau)
  • FMD02 DARK (Dunkel)
  • FMD03 FLAT EARTH (Erdfarben)
  • FMD04 FLAT GREEN (Grün)
  • FMD05 BLUE SKY (Blau)

Special applications

  • FMD06 HIGH CONTRAST (Hoher Kontrast)
  • FMD07 PRINT (Druck und PDF)
  • FMD08 COLORBLIND (Farbenblindheit rot/grün)
  • FMD09 LOLLIPOP (poppig)
  • FMD10 SCREENPLAY (weitere Ideen)

Is design important?

Design is the bridge between functionality and user. It determines whether a software is perceived as “simple” and whether it can be used for work. Design is not a minor issue, but for the user it is often decisive for acceptance. A user is more likely to assume that the functionality is right when the user interface is designed well. A good user interface is therefore crucial for the user and thus decisive for the purchase of the product or for acceptance in a company.

A user is more likely to assume that the functionality is right when the user interface is designed well.

Good design is challenging, just as good development is. There are more parallels: in development, the improvement often lies in simplification. The same applies to design. The simplification of functions or of layouts is a quality feature. However, it can only be achieved with the appropriate effort. FM Designer improves the initial starting position and offers actual help for a structured approach.

Easy to adapt to your ideas

FM Designer is more than a series of designs. Own ideas can be integrated in no time. Likewise, the file is built in such a way that you can quickly create your own solutions. Therefore FM Designer is both a collection with themes and a tool for creating your own designs.

FM Designer includes

  • 10 different themes
  • 10 different colour schemes in various formats (ace, ase, clr, PDF, TXT)
  • Each color scheme has its own set of styles to define the color
  • Overview page for each theme, with display of all colors and a sample layout
  • Section page for each theme, with display of all definable layout sections (Header, Body, Footer, etc.)
  • Object page for each theme, with a complete overview of all objects and styles.
  • Detailed manual (German and English)
  • Introductory videos (German and English)
  • Option to compare the different designs
  • “Playground” for the development and evaluation of own designs
  • The perfect companion to FM Starter, the starter file for new FileMaker projects.


FM Designer is a FileMaker file in .FMP12 format. You need a regular license from FileMaker to use this solution. To use the themes in your own FileMaker files, you need full developer access to your files.

Although FM Designer opens in FileMaker Pro 12 and later, some features from newer versions have been used. We recommend FileMaker 18 or later for proper use of the file. If FileMaker is running on your computer, you can use FM Designer.

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