FM Registrations

Unlock codes for your own Filemaker solutions

What is FM Registrations?

FM Registrations creates unlock codes for your own FileMaker solutions. It also manages your licensees (customers). Have a look at the following video to see what that means.

One tool to cover it all

  • License codes / registration codes for your Filemaker solutions
  • Encryption of license details and features
  • Unlimited software solutions
  • Unlimited registrations
  • Unlimited licensees (customers)
  • Batch-generating of codes
  • List-export as XLSX
  • List-print
  • Send emails with registration data
  • Multilingual (English, French, German, Spanish)

Perfect to help you sell your software

A sales tool, marketing tool and registration tool all in one!

FM Registrations enables you to do more with your software solutions. Create license codes to unlock or even to configure your solutions with the encrypted details from the license code. Sell upgrades, maintenance contracts, additional functions and more. Keep track of all your issued licenses.

Options on how to use FM Registrations

The customer unlocks your solution by an unlock code you sent him. If the code is valid, the software is unlocked (or: upgraded). When the code is not valid, your customer will have no access. Be aware that the check on the result as well as the specific interpretations of the code must be implemented by yourself.

Your software might be available in 3 versions, like:

  • Test version
  • Light version
  • Full version

All these versions can be part of the same solution. A license code though can activate any of these. The information on the specific version can be transported by the encrypted unlock code as generated by FM Registrations.

Be aware that you must implement the interpretation of the code.

Imagine functions or function groups being activated by just a code. For example, if your solution supports email functionality which you would like to be part of a paid upgrade, you could create an unlock code with an encrypted information about that functionality. When the customer enters his code, this encrypted information (let’s say, “123” as a text string) becomes available again. In the registration script, you could check on that information and unlock that part of your solution for the customer.

If your software has some kind of modules, you could unlock these with a code too. If you sell an address database, but have an invoice module ready-to-go as an upgrade, you could unlock that module with a simple code. The idea behind this is, that you do not need several files for each user or function, but rather lock or unlock certain features by using a code. Of course, you have to implement the logic behind it. FM Registrations covers the part to transport in an encrypted code, the triggers for your own scripting.

Test versions or support subscriptions, like rented software, can have expiry dates. FM Registrations supports two options:

  • Fixed date
  • Number of days till expiry

Either of the two can be included in the encrypted license code. Again it’s you, as a developer, who must give those informations a place in your checking. FM Registrations though makes it extremely simple to hand over these codes in an encrypted code to your clients.

An expiry date, once set in your application, must be checked upon, for example, at each startup of the application.

Link the price of your software to the number of users, then sell any upgrades for teams. You now can create special deals for multiple users, and upsell to test accounts, to let them activate – just by a code – a version with support for more users.

If you work with resellers or distributors, you can batch-create any number of codes for any solution. Random codes combined with standardized parameter can be used to create series of codes, which can be exported als Excel files, or printed.

For example, you could create test codes for a magazine special, where you give a certain number of readers a limited code free of charge. Try to let them register, then follow-up with a better license offering after some time.

/* imagination-run-wild */

Monetize on your own development

Sell your software multiple times

You finished your software product. And now, what’s up next? You would be able to sell your solution to multiple customers, but how to do that in a simplified way? Some customers might lack the budget for a full-fledged version, or they need another configuration. How could you solve that efficiently? FM Registrations has a clever solution: Configure your software through the registration code.

With the help of FM Registrations you can transport information about license details within the license key. When the customer registers the solution with his license key, all information is decrypted and then can be used to configure the precise configuration the customer purchased. What that means is all up to you.

The license code can update the number of users which can use your solution, it can prolong a maintenance contract by updating the expiry date, you can can unlock more languages, another module, a special function – it really is up to you how to monetize on your knowledge and work. Frequently customers will appreciate that they are able to get a solution they really use, and not to pay for unneeded features, or rather be happy that it is easy to unlock new features by simply registering with a new code. Isn’t that wonderful?

Why FM Registrations helps you

Save time, earn something

FM Registrations is focussed on solving the question «How to create better license codes?». It comes with the FM Registrations application file and an example file.

The FM Registrations application file generates the codes and manages your licensees. This is a locked FileMaker file.

The example file shows you how to integrate the decoding and decription in your solution. Configured as a FileMaker module, it is rather simple to implement. The example file is not locked.