License codes for your own FileMaker applications

Configure and unlock: How to create different licenses

FM Registrations is the perfect solution for selling your own FileMaker solutions. Sell the same product to multiple customers, distribute it over the web, sell upgrades or specify additional features for use. FM Registrations makes it possible.

FM Registrations was developed as a companion to FM Starter, the startup file for new FileMaker projects. It can also be used as a standalone solution. FM Starter already has decryption built in, making it quicker to get started.

With FM Registrations you create codes to do two things:

  1. Activation of your FileMaker solutions
  2. Configuration of your FileMaker solutions

The idea is always the same: you have a single software solution, but it can be configured for different purposes. The registration code is used to transfer the parameters.

For example, if there is a license for 1 user and you want to activate a license for 5 users later, the information “5 users” can be transferred encrypted in the registration code. Your software solution can then take over the configuration of this parameter. This opens up completely new marketing opportunities for your software solutions, because you do not need to have access to the solution from the customer. You can unlock predefined configurations or update parameters simply by sending a new registration code.

Further configuration options are

  • Number of users
  • Number of days to expiry
  • Expiration date
  • Beta Version or Regular Version
  • Parameters for activating versions, modules, functions

Possible applications

Activation of your software via an unlock code. As a result the code is only valid or invalid. If the code is valid, the software is unlocked. If the code is invalid, the software will not be unlocked.

Maybe your software is available in different versions:

  • Trial version
  • Light version
  • Full version

For each of the versions there is a separate parameter that is passed as part of the registration code. For example, suppose that the trial version is parameterized as (A), the light version as (B), and the full version as (C). After the decryption, a field will therefore contain either “A”, “B” or “C”. This information can now be used to trigger a configuration. How this is done is up to you.

Functions or function groups can also be defined with a parameter. For example, imagine that your software supports the sending of emails. If you want to sell this functionality separately, you can specify a parameter for activation. You can now anchor this functionality with a code word in the registration code. When verifying the license code, extract this information and then unlock the functionality.

Maybe you have a software in which there are different areas, for example an address administration but also a project administration and billing. If you like, you can see these areas as “modules” and restrict or enable the accessibility via the navigation. Code these areas with a keyword, which you read out for further configuration when entering the activation codes.

Test versions or support subscriptions can be provided with an expiration date, just like rented software solutions. There are two options available:

  • fixed date
  • number of days till expiry.

Therefore, when the code is decrypted, either a date or a number of days is extracted, which can then be evaluated for processing, for example at the start of the application.

In order to link licenses to the number of users, the number of users can also be defined. This allows you to create license packages for teams or sell upgrades for larger teams at a later date.

Any number of codes can be generated at once. Different parameters as well as random codes can be used for activation. Once generated, batch lists can be called up and printed out as independent lists or exported as Excel lists.

This is how it works

FM Registrations consists of two files:

  1. FM Registrations, the registration software (encoding)
  2. Example file for integration (decoding)

Use FM Registrations to generate registration codes for your FileMaker solutions. This includes: Creating software profiles for your solutions, registering licensees with addresses and contact information and generating registration codes for licensees.

The example file shows how to decrypt these registration codes generated for customers in your software solutions.

The registration codes are actually an encrypted message. They can be used to define various parameters, such as the number of users, certain functionalities, an expiration date or other similar parameters. You define this information in FM Registrations and it is included in the registration code. Your customer can enter the registration code in the software, where it is decrypted. Afterwards, all parameters are available again (the number of users, certain features, an expiration date, or similar).

Registration codes transport parameters that are then made available again in your own FileMaker solution. You decide what to do with these parameters.

With the help of FM Registrations you can turn one and the same file into different “products” tailored to specific customer needs by configuration and activation.

In keywords:

  • Unlock codes for your FileMaker solutions
  • Encrypted transport of configuration parameters
  • Support for unlimited software solutions
  • Unlimited registrations
  • Unlimited customers
  • Batch-generation of codes
  • List export as XLSX
  • List print
  • Emails with registration data to the customer
  • Multilingual (English, French, German, Spanish)

FM Registrations also works on iOS and requires no plug-ins.

A tool to create licenses and to market your products

The perfect marketing tool

FM Registrations increases the value of your software solutions. Assign license codes for activation, configure your solution using configuration parameters from the license key. Sell upgrades, support contracts, additional features and more. Keep track of all customers and assigned license codes.