License codes for your own FileMaker applications

Configure and unlock your FileMaker solutions

FM Registrations is the perfect solution for distributing your own FileMaker solutions. Sell the same product to multiple customers, distribute it over the Internet, sell upgrades, or designate additional features for use. FM Registrations makes it possible.

FM Registrations was developed to complement FM Starter, the startup file for new FileMaker projects. However, it can also be used as a standalone solution. Decryption is already built into FM Starter, which speeds up the process of getting started.

All beginnings are easy

FM Registrations consists of two parts:

  • FM Registrations. License codes are created and encrypted here.
  • Sample file. Here we show how to decrypt license codes.

Check test mode

If you want to understand what it’s all about first, it’s best to look at the sample file. Here is everything you need to know to incorporate decryption into your own solution. There is also a test mode, however. The test mode simulates decryption with registration code and extra code. Launch the sample file in FileMaker and click the Registration tab. Here you can activate the test mode. This will give you a first impression.

Where everything is set

The license data must be created first. The main application is responsible for this. Start FM Registrations and try using the videos on this page do the following things:

  1. Insert one new software product on – only as a test.
  2. Define the secret key for this product
  3. Place for this software product criteria firmly
  4. Put a new (fictional) Customer address at
  5. Create a for the (fictitious) customer new license at
  6. Encrypt The license and submit a E-mail the fictitious customer.

Secret keys

Now you should do another test. Encryption and decryption are created using a secret key. Of the secret keys, that you should create in FM Registrations into the example file in the settings script can be used. With this secret key, there is a unique link between the settings in FM Registrations (where the licenses are issued) and your software (where the license key must be checked).

  • Make a copy of the sample file
  • Copy the secret key of your fictitious software in FM Registrations (see above)
  • Use this key in the settings script of the sample file (see manual and videos).
  • Save the script
  • Now you can generate new license codes for this software, which will be decrypted in the sample file. Check that and if you have any questions, first consult the manual and videos.
  • If this works, you have done everything right. Ready to go!

Installation of the solution

If you work with FM Starter, the start file for new FileMaker projects, the decryption module is already built in. You just have to activate it there in the developer dashboard. You then have to reinsert the secret key in the settings script and save the script. That was it!

If you have your own solution, you must import the decryption module from the sample file into your solution. The manual shows how this works. Further information is also available in the sample file, in the decryption module, in the «ReadMe» script.


FM Registrations encrypts and decrypts license codes. You can use these codes to define criteria that are recognized during registration. For example, you can define how many users are allowed to use the solution. Such information is available after successful registration. To do this, you now have to create a logic that checks when the file is started, for example, whether the number of users in the license has already been exceeded. These and other options require an adjustment by you.

Congratulations! You can now start to activate and configure your products using license codes.

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