FM Registrations

Unlock codes for your own Filemaker solutions

You have created a standard software, based on FileMaker Pro. If you want to sell that to multiple customers, you’d need a way of securing the licensing. That is where FM Registrations has been made for: Register licensees and issue license codes for your customers by which they can unlock your software.

In bullet points:

  • License codes / registration codes for your Filemaker solutions
  • Encryption of license details and features
  • Unlimited software solutions
  • Unlimited registrations
  • Unlimited licensees (customers)
  • Batch-generating of codes
  • List-export as XLSX
  • List-print
  • Send emails with registration data
  • Multilingual (English, French, German, Spanish)

Perfect to help you sell your software

A sales tool, marketing tool and registration tool all in one!

FM Registrations enables you to do more with your software solutions. Create license codes to unlock or even to configure your solutions with the encrypted details from the license code. Sell upgrades, maintenance contracts, additional functions and more. Keep track of all your issued licenses.

Well-designed and versatile – FM Registrations is easy to implement and, once implemented, gives you endless opportunities to sell and market your software better.

You finished your software product. And now, what’s up next? You would be able to sell your solution to multiple customers, but how to do that in a simplified way? Some customers might lack the budget for a full-fledged version, or they need another configuration. How could you solve that efficiently? FM Registrations has a clever solution: Configure your software through the registration code.

With the help of FM Registrations you can transport information about license details within the license key. When the customer registers the solution with his license key, all information is decrypted and then can be used to configure the precise configuration the customer purchased. What that means is all up to you. The license code can update the number of users which can use your solution, it can prolong a maintenance contract by updating the expiry date, you can can unlock more languages, another module, a special function – it really is up to you how to monetize on your knowledge and work. Frequently customers will appreciate that they are able to get a solution they really use, and not to pay for unneeded features, or rather be happy that it is easy to unlock new features by simply registering with a new code. Isn’t that wonderful?


Learn how to use FM Registrations.


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FM Registrations is easy to implement

Solve a repeating task the simple way

There are very few solutions for Filemaker which support the creation of license codes, unlock codes or serial numbers – however they are named. FM Registrations is versatile and can be easily adapted to your needs. Of course it is possible to do encryption with plug-ins or custom functions. That is quick and easy. But that doesn’t make a comprehensive solution, and plug-ins not always are what you want. FM Registrations has a lot more to offer, does not need plug-ins, adds a user management and license management solution, multilingual support and examples on how to integrate it with your own software. FM Registrations saves you time and simplifies ways for you to monetize on your own solutions.