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Would you like to sell your FileMaker solution multiple times?

That’s a good idea! Many developers have created great FileMaker solutions that could probably be sold multiple times. But how do you do that? In the next video, I’ll explain what is important when selling your own FileMaker solutions.

Licensing, activation or configuration: you decide!

How do you sell your solution multiple times? Apart from the solution features itself – which have to be useful for many users, you have to consider every step between the programming and the sales. For example: How do you limit a certain file to a certain customer? A proven method is providing a license along with an activation code. The personal code will be delivered after the customer has ordered.

FM Registrations is a tool for FileMaker developers that lets you create license codes for your solutions. License codes can do a lot more than just unlocking something. In the license code you can also enter an Expiry Date or define a Number of Users – and much more. The activation code can thus be used to configure a solution.

Why I developed FM Registrations

I have been distributing software solutions for over 25 years. During that time I have seen many types of license codes. Some worked well and were simple, while others were too complex.

When I started developing standard FileMaker solutions, I wanted to sell them multiple times. Activation codes were (and are) a common method of activating a software license. I bought a FileMaker solution for this task, which has served me well for many years.

After a few years, this licensing solution was no longer enough. I didn’t just want to unlock something. In the code I saw a possibility to transmit further parameters to use these for the configuration of the software. This means that several versions can be created from one and the same file – through configuration. Think of a trial version and a full version, or a time-limited version. I also needed an option to pass several parameters as part of the license code. However, my software at the time could not handle this. A new solution had to be found.

That was the starting point for FM Registrations.

Selling software products is never about technology – as long as it works. That is why licensing is never about technology or price, but about the customer’s feeling of receiving a good solution that matches his needs. Flexible configuration options can create a lot of room for negotiation, especially with team solutions.

This is how it works

FM Registrations consists of two parts:

• Encryption: FM Registrations, the file for license generation and license management
• Decryption: Sample file for integration in your solution

The example file is a FileMaker module that can be easily integrated into your solution. Then only two secret keys are required, which are generated in FM registrations and have to be integrated into your solution.

That’s all you need to get started!

What does FM Registrations do? FM Registrations is responsible for the parameter transfer: What is encrypted in the license code at the beginning is also available as information as a result of a successful registration. However, what is done with it is entirely up to you. It still takes development effort on your side. You need to define what will be done with the information and how your software should interpret that.

Let’s say you want an expiration date for the license so that you can, for example, sell an annual fee. You can either use a number of days until expiration or an expiration date in the encrypted license code. This information is decrypted during registration. A “number of days until expiration” is automatically converted to an expiration date. But what happens after that is up to you:

  • Checking the date when the file starts?
  • What should happen if the date has passed?
  • When the date expires, the customer should still have access to their data, for example being able to export all data.
  • Can the customer regain access with a new license code?

These and similar questions must be solved by the developer. It’s about workflow. FM Registrations only makes the parameters available again, but cannot know how you would like to integrate the processes into your solution.


  • Create activation codes
  • Customer management
  • Any number of software solutions
  • FileMaker based, with no plug-ins
  • Works on any platform


  • License professionally
  • Simplify your marketing
  • Multilingual (DE, EN, FR, ES)
  • Sell upgrades and subscriptions

Strategic solution

  • Sell standard products
  • Charge customers for added value
  • Create clear relationships
  • Works with FM Starter *

* FM Starter is our start-up file for new FileMaker projects

The perfect tool for FileMaker developers

FileMaker developers mostly work on customer projects. Some developers want to go a step further and sell their work multiple times – or make it a proper off-the-shelf product. That can be very lucrative.

Of course, it’s not that simple. From conception to marketing, there appear to be many other areas for consideration. That can be a  challenge. However, FM Registrations solves part of these tasks very elegantly. Getting to a marketable product is much easier with FM Registrations.

First register the customer, then his licenses. It is also possible to create generic licenses, for example for sales partners.

In addition to user numbers or expiration dates, you can also embed placeholders for “features”. By adding feature codes to your license code, you can activate functions, modules, versions, etc.

Make more of your development

Decide for yourself how you put your software solution on the market. Follow the best strategy for your product. FM Registrations supports you in creating the best activation logic for your strategy. Take advantage of the opportunity to define, among other things, the number of users, an expiry date or any properties in a single activation code. Other solutions either require plug-ins or are less flexible. Free yourself from additional development effort. Better sell.

Endless license incl. 1 year of free updates and upgrades: