The best start for new FileMaker projects

Everything you need to set-up a new project packed in a lean and clean starterfile.

FM Starter is a starter file for new FileMaker projects. It allows you to start new projects in an instant, because all basics (e.g. navigation, user management, project structure) are already included. Therefore you can immediately start working on your own application. Convenient, isn’t it? FM Starter 2 has been greatly simplified compared to the previous version and all central elements have been completely reprogrammed.

FM Starter 2 does not take the workload off your shoulders, but simplifies it instead. Whether you’re new to FileMaker or experienced, this file will simplify your next project.

This is how it works: FM Starter doesn’t relieve you from developing your own software, but it enables you to help yourself. It incorporates the elements you need in virtually any type of development. These are for example a dynamic navigation, which you can simply copy and paste to any page (and it works), a simple user administration, multilingual text labels and much more.

The principle is: Reduce to the max! Few but good modules that are perfectly integrated usually benefit more than supposedly ready-made solutions that have to be adapted to your own needs at enormous expense. That’s why FM Starter is not an all-rounder, but a healthy basis for your next project.

Introduction video

Basic functions for any project

  • Simple project structure
  • Developer Dashboard as an extra window with all settings for the file and the used modules
  • User management (login, logout, user groups, etc.)
  • The global navigation detects the platform and offers options for different layouts for each one
  • Multilingual (standard: English, German, French, Spanish). This can be changed or enhanced!
  • Standard theme for coherent design.


  • User Management*
  • Global Navigation*
  • Multilingual text labels*
  • QuickFind
  • QuickSort
  • FMR Unlock**
  • SimpleBackup*
  • ToDo-List*
  • Help-Module*
  • Plug-in Installation*
  • Plug-in Registration*

* New modules for version 2
** FMR Unlock decodes license codes as generated by our other product FM Registrations. FM Starter 2 and FM Registrations fit well together and make it easier then ever to create your own standard software.

Configuring instead of programming

FM Starter has been designed to make everything configurable as much as possible. How the navigation behaves or which modules you want to use in the start up script can be easily set with a few clicks in the developer Dashboard.

FM Starter comes with an own Dashboard for the developer, which greatly simplifies each new project. Settings, modules, and even maintenance scripts now have a real home. It is always clear where to make adjustments.

FM Starter as a live example

FM Starter an be used as a live example for FileMaker programming. It is an open file, well document in the scripts, with a clear structure. There also is a manual and there are introductory videos.

FM Starter 2 is designed to jumpstart your next FileMaker project. The simple structure supports your development, never hinders it. There is no rule-book, just a structure. There are no ideologies to follow. FM Starter 2 not even has a relationship model, as this starter files does not use any (!) relationships. Therefor you are free to choose whichever approach you feel comfortable with.

A reliable basis

It is difficult to reinvent the wheel for every new project. That’s why many FileMaker developers eventually start creating a sample file. But this takes a lot of experience and time. Not every developer succeeds in creating such a file in the turmoil of everyday life.

FM Starter 2 is the solution! You get a reliable basis for new projects that can be freely configured, extended and edited. FM Starter 2 is a shortcut for the accumulated experience of many years of development work. Proven programming techniques and reliable functions are used.

I want to jumpstart my next project!