FM Starter

A versatile starter file for new FileMaker projects



  • FM Starter is a starter file and start help for new projects
  • FM Starter knows no conventions, but uses simple structures instead
  • FM Starter uses FileMaker modules for all basic functions. These are easy to understand and simple to manage.
  • FM Starter is the foundation for your own developments.
  • FM Starter doesn't try to give solutions to all possible challenges, but has been reduced to the max.

Jumpstart for new projects

FM Starter has been designed as a starter file, which combines important functions which are used in most projects. With the help of FM Starter it is much easier to get your own projects off the ground. At the same time it’s all about a simple yet powerful structure, which help you to integrate new functionality and further developments with ease.

As a developer, you have the experience that several functions and components are needed in almost any application. A user management solution, for example, or a dynamic navigation are such components. Other tasks can be a generic search function, multilingual text labels, or important basics like a project structure and design templates. FM Starter offers you all this in a single integrated FileMaker file, ready to use for your next project. FM Starter speeds up your own development tremendously. Just focus on what you really wanted to do.

FM Starter is a starter file. It is not a starter solution, as there are many around. FM Starter is not a ready-to-go address book solution, nor a CRM-application. It isn’t programmed to anything specific, but rather gives you a toolbox and a work bench to craft your next project on.

FM Starter is the foundation on which you build your next project.

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Several resources for FM Starter


The manual is an introduction to all its components, its structure and its basic ideas.

Test version

The proof is in the pudding – download a test version now.


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The proof is in the pudding.

How to get a good understanding of what is FM Starter all about? We think the best way is to download a testversion and to see for yourself how it presents itself. If you have specific questions, consult the manual, as all modules and parts are explained.

FM Starter works with FileMaker modules. To learn more about this concept of programming, please visit the following site: