What is FM Starter?

A flexible development environment for Filemaker Pro

In short

  • FM Starter is a start file for new Filemaker projects
  • FM Starter is not about rules, but more about structures
  • FM Starter uses Filemaker modules for many functions
  • FM Starter is meant to be the basis for your own starter solution
  • FM Starter is reducing to the max!

Create new projects more easily

FM Starter was created as a start file, which includes many basic components. With FM Starter, you can more easily start new Filemaker projects. It’s structure is very simple and open, which allows you to include own functions and developments effortlessly.

As a developer, you doubtless have made the experience that certain functions are standard requirements. Security, User management, a good navigation and the like are need in almost any application. On top of that you frequently need search functions, a project structure, probably a multilingual approach, graphic elements, layout templates and other basics. FM Starter offers you these elements in a single file and well integrated – the perfect start for any new Filemaker project.

Jumpstart your next Filemaker project with FM Starter!

Learn more

Several resources about FM Starter


Learn about the ideas of FM Starter, the components and options

Test version

The proof of the pudding is in the eating – download a test version!


Purchase at kursiv-software.com

The proof of the pudding is in the eating

How to get a good understanding of FM Starter? Well, the proof of the pudding is in the eating, as the saying goes. Just download a test version and see for yourself how it works. The manual gives additional insight in ideas and how it is build up.

FM Starter works with Filemaker modules. A good understanding of this concept will help you to work with FM Starter. More information can be found on  modularfilemaker.org.