FM Starter is a starter file for new FileMaker projects. It allows you to start new projects instantly because all basics (e.g. navigation, user management, project structure) already are included. Therefore, you can immediately start working on your application. Convenient, isn’t it? FM Starter 2 has been greatly simplified compared to the previous version and all central elements have been completely reprogrammed.

6 steps for a quick start

  1. Download the software from your order
  2. Create a backup and work with a copy
  3. Watch the introductory video under Videos and the two under the title “Getting Started”.
  4. Read the introduction from the manual
  5. See how the file is organized (all windows, scripts, layouts, etc.)
  6. Do a mini project (see below)

A mini project

  1. New file, new project name
    With any new project, the first thing to do is to set the settings for the project correctly. You make all these settings in the developer dashboard. Here define the name of the new software, the version.
  2. Add a few pages in the navigation
    Create a navigation. In the developer dashboard, look under Navigation. here you create a structure for the new software with menu items and submenus. Maybe you don’t have pages for it yet, but here you can – quite easily – make a rough outline of the software before getting started. Don’t make it complex. The point here is simply to get to know FM Starter. Three to five entries is quite enough. Do not delete pages, just add them.
  3. Restart the file
    Close the file and restart it: you should see the new name of the software as window title, as well as in the navigation several more entries now. Menus can be expanded to reveal submenu items.
  4. The start has been made!
    Now back to the videos and learn more.

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