Dynamic Navigation 2


This module is outdated and obsolete. Newer and better ideas can be found in the following example file:

DynamicNavigation 2 is a table based navigation for Filemaker Pro. The solution allows to create two dependent navigation elements, like for example a top navigation and a related side bar. Also, by clicking on a navigation link, one can create a global variable, which can be used on the landing page to trigger some other script. The solution thus can do 2 things: To go somewhere, and to trigger some functionality.

How it works

The basic idea is simple. Every record in the navigation table has a layout name plus an information called ScriptCall (which can be anything).

  • The Layout name is being used in the script step “Go to Layout > Layout Name by calculation”.
  • The Scriptcall is a word which is transformed into a global variable. The global variable can be evaluated on the landing page by a script trigger “OnLayoutEnter”.

In combination it is possible both to navigate and also to trigger a function. This gives you a wide range of options right at your finger tips – directly from the navigation.


  • Simplified management: A single table has your entire navigation
  • Easy extendable: Add functions, integrate with multilingual solutions, etc.
  • Call scripts from your navigation; create, search, sort records, or do anything else with Filemaker scripts.
  • Rapid Development: Use standardised objects for all your layouts.


The module file has a complete description and a step-by-step guide on how to implement the module into your solution.