FileMaker 19 and add-ons

Will the new add-ons in FileMaker 19 replace the concept of FileMaker modules?

21. May 2020In FMP19By Karsten Risseeuw1 Minutes

FileMaker 19 has just been released and among the many exciting new features there are so-called add-ons. You can now save all settings, objects, tables, relations, scripts from a FileMaker layout as add-ons. Thus stored “FileMaker parts” can be integrated as an add-on in new FileMaker files. They are parts, which can be integrated into layouts and files by simple drag and drop.

These new add-ons are promising approaches, allowing you to quickly and easily save functions or small applications separately and integrate them into other files easily. In the near future, many add-ons are expected to be made by Claris and external developers who will then easily find their way into the FileMaker community as ready-to-use building blocks.

Does this development mean the end of the FileMaker module concept? In practice, I think that will be the case. However, the concept of FileMaker Modules also provides insight into a very tidy and clear way of programming. FileMaker developers will continue to benefit from the concept of FileMaker Modules.

The innovations in FileMaker are promising and groundbreaking for working with FileMaker. We live in exciting times.