Free add-ons and tools to create add-ons.

Features of add-ons

  • Building blocks for your FileMaker projects
  • Fast and easy implementation
  • Growing collection with functions and solutions
  • Easy expansion of your own development

Filemaker add-ons

Filemaker add-ons are building blocks for your Filemaker development. Starting with FileMaker Pro 19.1, any user can create add-ons. In order to use add-ons, you must have the latest version of FileMaker. Anyone can create add-ons by exporting a file as an add-on.

Create your own add-ons

If you have the latest version of FileMaker, you can easily create add-ons yourself. We have summarized the most important tips and tricks for this in a file that « Add-on Lab FREE ».

Use add-ons

Add-ons must be installed in a specific location for FileMaker to recognize the add-ons when it restarts. The free tool « Add-on Lab FREE »Opens this directory with one click. Then restart FileMaker and in Layout mode in the left column of the window under Add-ons click on “+” to add an add-on.