FM Designer brings 10 FileMaker themes to developers

FM Designer offers FileMaker developers 10 ready-to-use themes

User interface design made easy

Kursiv has just released FM Designer. The new product offers a collection of FileMaker designs for FileMaker developers and helps to create good user interfaces with little effort.

Design is essential

Design is the link between developer and user. The design decides whether the user understands the ideas of the developer, whether he can find his way around and can use the software intuitively.

The design of user interfaces is a job in itself. The design decides about the acceptance of a software much more than many developers assume. A good user interface is easy to use. Users immediately find the functions they need and the workflow is actively supported. This is not about technical understanding, but about the characteristics of good design. It’s about layout, color schemes, interaction and many other things.


10 designs for FileMaker developers

FM Designer is a tool for developers, making it easier to create good designs. The product offers not only a collection of 10 designs (“themes”), but also specific information and examples of use. FM Designer can also be used as a tool for creating your own designs.

Creating your own designs is very complex and requires knowledge not everyone has. FM Designer speeds up and simplifies the use of themes and is also an introduction to the use of good designs.

A total of 10 designs with the same structure allow you to easily adapt designs for other customers. Once all objects on a layout have been defined using a single design, it takes only a few clicks to exchange a design. Switching designs becomes child’s play.

FM Designer makes designing FileMaker solutions faster and easier.

Features of FM Starter

FM Starter is a FileMaker file and requires a full version of FileMaker Pro 18 or later. However, designs can also be imported in older versions. To use the file and develop your own designs, Kursiv recommends FileMaker Pro 18 or higher.

  • 10 Themes
  • 3 separate pages per design with presentation of all objects and style sheets (catalogue)
  • each design has its own color scheme
  • color schemes are included as color palettes in various formats
  • simple to use file
  • Manual in German and English
  • Videos in German and English

FM Designer and FM Starter

FM Designer can be used as a stand-alone solution, but it can also be seen as the perfect complement to FM Starter. FM Starter is a starter file for new FileMaker projects. Themes in both products are based on the same underlying concept. This means that if you’re already using FM Starter, you can easily import new designs and apply them to existing layouts with a single click. It’s a perfect extension.

FM Developer Bundle

FM Designer can be purchased as a stand-alone product or as part of the new FM Developer Bundle. The FM Developer Bundle is a complete solution for new FileMaker projects and includes:

  1. FM Starter, the starter file for new FileMaker projects
  2. FM Registrations, which allows you to generate your own activation codes for Filemaker solutions
  3. FM Designer, with 10 ready-to-use themes.

These three products can be used individually, but unfold their greatest potential when used together. The FM Developer Bundle can be used for an unlimited time. Updates are included for one year. It is then possible to receive updates for another year at a reduced price.