FM Starter 2.3 released

FM Starter 2.3 released

Various minor and a few major changes

20. October 2021In FM StarterBy Karsten Risseeuw1 Minutes

The current update for FM Starter includes bug fixes, minor improvements, and a few major changes. The aim of this update was to make FM Starter easier and clearer.

FM starter 2.30

The main changes:

  • A variant with a map window was created for navigation
  • For operation under Windows, the menus were explicitly switched on at startup
  • The JKE Errorlog module has been removed (as announced)
  • The interface for the FM Unlock module has been completely renewed
  • That Manual was updated

How do I get the updates?

If you have a valid FM Starter license (purchased within the last 12 months), you can access the latest version directly from your account download.

What is FM Starter?

FM Starter is a starter file for new FileMaker projects. Standard tasks such as dynamic navigation, user administration and many more things are already integrated. This makes new projects a lot faster and easier. FM Starter can be purchased as a stand-alone product or as part of the Developer Bundle on this website.

FM Starter 2.2 released

FM Starter 2.2 released

The latest update is available now

25. May 2021In FM StarterBy Karsten Risseeuw1 Minute

The “FM Starter” start file has just received a new update. There are various minor bug fixes and a couple of important enhancements.

A short video here below highlights the major changes. In addition, there is now one on the documentation page List of all changes . As before, the details of each change are contained in FM Starter itself.

If you have an active license of FM Starter (purchase within the last year), you can download this latest version directly from the download area of your account.

What is FM Starter?

How to recognize iPad and iPhone in FileMaker

How to recognize iPad and iPhone in FileMaker

10. February 2021In FM Starter, TipsBy Karsten Risseeuw1 Minutes

If you create a file for iOS devices, you probably have to be able to distinguish between iPhone and iPad. When starting the file, you need to create a query, based on which a layout for iPhone or iPad will be navigated. This should be possible with the status query:

Get ( ApplicationVersion )

If the file runs on the iPhone, the result is “Go”, while on the iPad it returns the result “Go_iPad”. A complete query can be created as follows, according to FileMaker Help:

Patterncount ( Get ( ApplicationVersion ) ; “Go” ) for iPhone, and
Patterncount ( Get ( ApplicationVersion ) ; “Go_iPad” ) for iPad

If one implements this query, it becomes apparent that this does not work well. Both requests recognize an iPhone. This does not change even if you only enter “iPad” for pattern recognition instead of “Go_iPad”.

A simple solution is to search only for iOS and then explicitly query the device:

Get ( Device ) = 4, for iPhone
Get ( Device ) = 3, for iPad

This works flawlessly.

Adjustment for FM Starter

The next update of FM Starter will include this for the navigation. If you want to adjust this already today, you have to do this here:

Script: GN GetSystemLayout, line 25.

Let (
a = Get ( ApplicationVersion ) ;

Case (
PatternCount ( a ; “Pro” ) ; 1 ;
Get ( Device ) = 4 ; 2 ;
Get ( Device ) = 3 ; 3 ;
PatternCount ( a ; “Web” ) ; 4 ;
1 )

FM Starter: How to login as a developer

FM Starter: How to login as a developer

Login with your FileMaker developer account


FM Starter uses the standard security mechanisms of FileMaker. There is a separate account for each user. This also applies to the developer account.

But there is a difference: Regular users are managed internally in a table that is synchronized with the FileMaker accounts. As a developer, you do not want to show your credentials publicly to administrators. Therefore, access for developers is not included in the standard procedure (so it doesn’t appear in the table).

As a developer, you must separately log in with your own account. FileMaker provides a standard procedure that allows you to start a file with any account. This is how it works:

  • Mac: Press the ALT key before opening the file.
  • Windows: Press the SHIFT key before opening the file.

The animation below shows how this looks like on Windows. On Mac it is similar.


Where are my access details?

The access credentials are part of the delivery. Please check the delivery.

FM Starter 2.1 with german manual

FM Starter 2.1 with german manual

The latest version of FM Starter contains several bugfixes and small improvements. As an extensive innovation there is now also a German manual included. This should make it easier for German-speaking developers to explore the possibilities of the FileMaker Starter solution.

Version 2.1

The following improvements have been implemented:

  • German manual
  • User accounts: The email address is correctly editable again.
  • Global navigation: Assignment of user groups now also works correctly for indented menu items
  • Global navigation and scripts: Workaround for FileMaker file names with extra dot in name (scripts didn’t work)
  • Various small improvements

All adjustments are documented in the ToDo module.


The manual is available on

The manual is also part of the download of the starter file. Customers will find it in their account:

FM Starter is sold inclusive one year with free updates.

What is FM Starter?

FM Starter is a startup file for new FileMaker projects. Standard features like dynamic navigation, user management and many more are included. With FM Starter new projects can be realized much easier and faster. FM Starter is a product of Kursiv Software.

New login procedure for FM Starter 2

New login procedure for FM Starter 2

New in FM Starter 2.08

Kursiv just enhanced the user management solution as integrated with FM Starter 2. Accounts with expiring passwords are now supported directly. The login procedure has been enhanced.

Two-phase login procedure

The most prominent enhancement in this release is a two-phase login procedure. When landing on the login page, the user enters the user name (or: email) first. It is then verified if there is a user with this identifier. Next the password field is presented, just as in many other websites and apps. The password is checked upon as well and the final login is done, access is granted, settings are read and the user is forwarded to the proper landing page of the solution. This is all done by the module “UAC UserAccounts”, which is part of FM Starter. The module has been upgraded for FM Starter 2.08.

Expiring account passwords

Expiring passwords are now supported by the module. User must choose a new password at their next sign-in. To enable this feature, some modifications and enhancements had to be made to the login procedure.

Until now the data from the user table had been used. Both user name and password were checked against the entries in the user table. This part needed to be enhanced.

By including the option of expiring passwords, we also improved overall security and privacy for data. When a user signs in and defines a new password, this new password is not saved back into the user table. Only the user knows his password and FileMaker manages the account details internally. User passwords are now 100% private.

By improving the security this way, the combination of a user name + user password could no longer be searched for in the user table. The module UAC UserAccounts had to be upgraded.

New login page

The login page has been completely revamped and now supports a multi-phased login procedure. To implement this functionality on a single page, a slide object has been used with 3 slides:

  1. Email/User name
  2. Password + Login
  3. New password + proceed to 2.

When verifying if the email (user name) is available as an active account in the system, it also checks on the type of account to prepare the proper login scenario. This is something the user does not see, and which is coming from the UAC UserAccounts module. When the settings of the account reveal an expiring password, the user has to create a new password.

A transparent slide object is used to show all these options on a single page. The module redirects the user to the proper slide of the object.

Are there additional adjustments?

The basics of this upgrade are simple: A single field has been added to one of the tables, the content of two scripts must be replaced and the login page has changes as mentioned above.

If you want to upgrade an older solution with these enhancements, please check the ToDo-window in FM Starter 2.08 where all the changes are listed.

The next video shows the enhancements.

FM Starter 2 now available

New version: FM Starter 2

The starting point or new FileMaker projects is now available in version 2

Italic has just launched the new version FM Starter 2. The start file for new FileMaker projects has already integrated all the basic functions so that new projects can be implemented more easily and quickly.

What’s new in FM Starter 2?

The most important innovation is a simplification of all functions. “The most difficult task is to simplify functions and modules,” says developer Karsten Risseeuw. «The central modules for navigation, user administration and for multilingual text labels have been completely redeveloped. But there are also some new modules, such as a module for multilingual help texts or a to-do list for the developer. Very important: Compared to the previous version, several modules have been left out. The focus is now on more functionality for the developer, less on functions for end users. “

The whole user interface has been optimized and is now much more accessible. A standard theme is included for the design, which has been further improved for version 2.

Work more productively

FM Starter is neither an address management nor an ERP software. FM Starter is what every developer needs again and again, but preferably not reprogrammed every time. FM Starter combines everything that is needed to start a new project in one file: globally usable navigation, user administration, project structure and much more.

The best part is that everything is already coordinated. For example, the entire solution is multilingual from the start – which also applies to user management and navigation and every element on every page.

This startup file doesn’t do your job, but it does make it a lot easier. New projects can be launched in no time. Configuring instead of programming is the motto. All settings of the file are clearly arranged in a dedicated developer dashboard. Maintenance scripts make it easy to clean up settings. Almost all functions were developed as modules and are therefore both easy to understand in terms of structure and functional in solving tasks.

More products for FileMaker developers

Kursiv Software has significantly lowered the price of FM starters. This corresponds to the new strategy of offering various complementary products that individually fulfill clearly defined tasks but which can also be used together. Smaller units, therefore, several.

In addition to FM Starter, that is already the case today FM registrations , which can be used to generate license codes for FileMaker applications. This makes it very easy to activate your own standard solutions. FM Starter has already integrated a decoding module for FM registration codes. As a result, FM Starter and FM Registrations go very well together.

Further products are already in preparation. The goal is to provide a selection of good tools for committed FileMaker developers, with which development times can be drastically reduced.

Further information

There is a free upgrade for licenses from 2018 and 2019. All buyers have already received a download for this. There are no other discounts.

FM Starter 2 is a product from Kursiv Software in St. Gallen (Switzerland). On the website there is more information. The product can be purchased via .

FM Starter 1.60 released

A new version of FM Starter

Today we released a free update to FM Starter. The new version 1.60 corrected some bugs, SVG files for buttons have been added and the general look-and-feel has been somewhat simplified.

How do you get your Update?

All who have bought FM Starter in 2016 have been informed and received their personal download link already. The update can be downloaded from within your order.

Anyone who bought FM Starter before 2016 did so on a previous system we had. We cannot create an automated download. Please contact us, that we may send you a free update.

Download Vorschau:

How to build your own Filemaker Pro system

Build your own Filemaker Pro development system

If you are working as a Filemaker Pro developer, you will most likely make all the mistakes everyone else also makes. There is nothing wrong about that, and even helps to understand what you need to improve and why you should improve things. This is called experience and it is wonderful to move yourself to better levels of understanding.

There are several reasons why you probably find out that using or creating a system will have many benefits. It is not about conventions, but more about a certain approach. There are frequently many ways to achieve a certain goal, but some ways are more efficient than other ways. Improving your approach means, that you strive to implement better practices, find more convenient ways to solve a certain challenge, and generally to simplify all your efforts.

FM Starter can be one approach, and – even if it is certainly not perfect – is has solved a number of issues I myself and others have been struggling with for many years. Today I think that FM Starter can be drastically simplified. To simplify things is probably the most important asset you can bring to developing. Mastering complexity is one thing, and sometimes projects require complex steps to solve something. I found that some developers are doing crazy stuff which I much admire. But to make something work can often be achieved by understanding well what is needed. If you understand something well, you probably will be able to keep it less complex, to simplify, to break a workflow into smaller pieces, which are not only easier to implement, but also easier to understand in two or three years on from now.

If you work to create a system, keep it simple. Allow for integration of new functionality, but keep your solution lean and clean, well organized and reduced to the max.

If you start building a system, you probably favor own components, or you use FM Starter or other solutions as a start. It does not matter what you start with, as it will grow naturally, according to what you understand and what you need. Some people told me they use FM Starter as it is, and start working with it right away. Others never use it for projects, but took it as a source of ideas for projects which were running already. There is no right or wrong here. Plant single trees, so to say, and in the end you might have an orchard.

What is the approach you favor yourself?

Your own system

Some questions for creating an own solution:

  • What do I want to simplify?
  • Can I do this myself within reasonable time?
  • Is there an alternative available?
  • Which are the most urgent issues?
  • Which concepts I have used so far are the most urgent to rethink?
  • When sorting all issues according to the rule "Important before Urgent", what would you need to address?

FM Starter and Filemaker Pro 15

FM Starter works well with Filemaker Pro 15

Filemaker just released Version 15 of its platform. FM Starter 1.5 works well with the new release. Special new features however have not been integrated. To use FM Starter including the built-in examples rely on Filemaker Pro 14.

A few new features might replace functions or modules in upcoming releases of FM Starter. One of them can be the option to turn a regular edit box into a concealed edit box. This makes the BulletField module obsolete – if your environment allows you to upgrade all work stations to version 15.




In general, FM Starter is not about putting as much functionality into the software as possible, but to keep it as lean and clean as possible, while solving some basic issues. How to implement your own solutions, what to use and what to leave out of the options offered, is completely up to you. We consider FM Starter to be a good basis, also for projects created with Filemaker Pro 15.