On this page you find several Filemaker modules, free to download and to use.

Characteristics of Filemaker modules

  • Modules are functions, not ready-to-use solutions
  • Separate parameters from functionality
  • Easy re-use in other projects (high portability)
  • Documentation is in the scripts
  • Every module comes with its own tables, scripts, and layouts

Filemaker Modules

Filemaker modules are building blocks for your Filemaker Development. Filemaker Modules are an idea of Todd Geist. Please visit the original site to learn about the ideas behind this approach and to find many more modules.


What FileMaker modules can do for you

FileMaker modules are small chunks of functionality, composed in a way that you can easily reimplement them into other solutions. This approach helps you to build more easily and more consistently your own solutions – as you can rely on working building blocks.

How to get started

It is easy to get started. Download a module, have a look in the scripts for a step-by-step-guide on how to integrate that specific module into your own solution. Adapt the settings to your need. That’s all!