FM Developer Bundle for FileMaker developers

7. September 2020By Karsten Risseeuw3 MinutesIn Filemaker Developer Tools

A FileMaker developer deals with a variety of topics. It’s not just about technology, but also about workflows, design and the like. These basic functions and skills are what it’s all about. The FM Developer Bundle combines various basic functions and a reliable shortcut to many other skills in one affordable bundle. This makes it much easier to launch FileMaker projects and you can immediately start working on the actual tasks of your new software.

All beginnings are easy

One of the great advantages of FileMaker is that it is very easy to get started. FileMaker is a low code development platform and as such for many people the perfect tool for custom development. I myself started out that way and am convinced of the advantages of FileMaker. It’s really easy to start new projects and get useful results in no time.

But as soon as you start developing new projects seriously, questions come up: How do I solve this? How do I solve that? Wouldn’t it make sense to have something like a starter solution which already covers recurring tasks? How you proceed with a project is not just a matter of taste. Every decision has consequences for further development. Experienced developers can judge what works and what doesn’t. You could also say: You must have made a number of mistakes to see more clearly. This is the experience that helps to better track down new projects.

So the beginning of the development is easy. But what happens next? The FM Developer Bundle is the shortcut to a proven development structure.

The next stage of development

Kursiv Software develops products for FileMaker developers. These are now available as a bundle. The FM Developer Bundle combines basic solutions for different tasks. With it, new projects can be launched much faster. The following products are included in the bundle:

  • FM Starter – the starter file for new FileMaker projects
  • FM Registrations – create license codes for standard applications based on FileMaker
  • FM Designer – 10 themes for an easy and fast design.

After offering individual products, there is now the accumulated experience as a low-cost product bundle. Never was it easier to get started. While the individual products are carefully maintained and further developed, the FM Developer Bundle includes all the advantages. The philosophy behind it can be described as follows: “Solutions that are as simple as possible but work well, and which everyone can adapt and further develop themselves”.

The product bundle will also be the container in which we will provide further development tools in the future, which will not be available as a separate product.

Further information about the “FM Developer Bundle” can be found on the website