FM Registrations 1.31

FM Registrations 1.31 was released today. The free update includes several improvements and bugfixes and has a renewed example file for a rapid integration into your solutions. The update is free for all registered users which can download the filemaker files directly from their order at

Unlock codes for your own FileMaker solutions

FM Registrations creates encrypted unlock codes for your own FileMaker Pro solutions. Use FM Registrations to create software profiles with parameters needed, to register customers and to generate license codes with unique settings. FM Registrations encrypts the information and parameters you wish to include, and offers an example file how to decrypt and validate the registration code in your solution. When the customer registers his copy of your software with their registration code, all information is decrypted. You will then receive all information for further processing, like an expiry date, the number of users for this license and other parameters you wish to include. FM Registrations can be used to unlock, upgrade or even to configure your solution by sending a simple code to your customers.

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