FM Starter: How to login as a developer

Login with your FileMaker developer account


FM Starter uses the standard security mechanisms of FileMaker. There is a separate account for each user. This also applies to the developer account.

But there is a difference: Regular users are managed internally in a table that is synchronized with the FileMaker accounts. As a developer, you do not want to show your credentials publicly to administrators. Therefore, access for developers is not included in the standard procedure (so it doesn’t appear in the table).

As a developer, you must separately log in with your own account. FileMaker provides a standard procedure that allows you to start a file with any account. This is how it works:

  • Mac: Press the ALT key before opening the file.
  • Windows: Press the SHIFT key before opening the file.

The animation below shows how this looks like on Windows. On Mac it is similar.


Where are my access details?

The access credentials are part of the delivery. Please check the delivery.