How do I extend my download access?

23. June 2021In SupportBy Karsten Risseeuw2 Minutes

All of our paid products come with free downloads, updates and upgrades for one year. But what happens afterwards, and how can the downloads be reactivated?

One simple license

Kursiv Software has a simple licensing policy: software is bought, not rented. That means: The licensee acquires an unlimited right of use.

Free downloads for one year

After purchase, the buyer has access to downloads and the latest versions for one year. This access expires after one year. In plain language: After a year, no further downloads can be made unless you renew this access.

How do I extend the downloads?

If you want to have the downloads available longer, you have to renew the access. You renew access by buying the product again. There are different discount levels that are automatically recognized by the website when you log in.

What are the discounts?

If you renew the product before the end of the year, you get a 60% discount. If you buy the product in 2nd or 3rd year, you still get 20% discount. Thereafter, the full price applies. The new license is valid from the day of purchase, not after the previous license.

How do I know when the downloads will expire?

Downloads expire automatically 1 year after purchase. Access expires. If you order after July 1, 2021, we will automatically send a few emails to indicate the expiry of the access.

Prices on the website

After logging in, the personally valid prices are displayed on the detail page as well as in the shopping cart and at the checkout.