License keys for FileMaker solutions

How do you create proper unique licenses for your own FileMaker projects? For this task FM Registrations has been created. FM Registrations generates unique encrypted license codes, by which your customers can unlock your FileMaker solutions.

License your standard solutions multiple times

FM Registrations is typically used for standard solutions, which you like to license multiple times. If, for example, you have created an address database, a CRM solution or developed any other FileMaker based solution for a larger audience, you need a method to simplify and standardize licensing and (un)locking your software for multiple customers. This enables you to, let’s say, have a test version of your software available for download and after purchasing a licensing, you can send the customer a license code to unlock the software.

The possibility to “license” a software almost always demands the registration of a licensee, as well as a definition of what this “unlocking” should achieve. Think of one or more of the following situations:

  • Protection of your own software
  • Unlocking a full version
  • Unlocking of modules or functions
  • Unlocking an update
  • Unlocking a new expiry date
  • Unlocking additional users
  • etc.


Registration, unlocking and configuration

FM Registrations solves multiple needs at once: The application has an integrated address database for licensees, it generates codes to unlock your FileMaker solution and additionally allows you to configure your software by sending unlock-informations embedded in the encrypted license key. All options are well documented and the example file shows step-by-step how to integrate the software into your own solutions.