FM Registrations

License codes for your Filemaker projects

License codes for your own Filemaker solutions

FM Registrations is a Filemaker Software by which you can create license codes for your own Filemaker solutions. Create registration codes to send to your customers, who then can unlock your software!

But there is more. You also can encrypt information about the license, which you can use to configure your software when the customer registers with the license code. Think of the number of users, an expiry date or even other features. Transport that information safely inside a registration code. FM Registrations will decrypt that information and you can use the information to configure your solution.

Easy registration, easy implementation

  • Secret keys for your software solutions
  • No plug-ins needed!
  • Also works for runtime versions!
  • Register with random codes or configurable feature-codes
  • Extra code for extra security
  • Encrypt feature codes within the license code, to configure your software, update an expiry date and more
  • Features: Number of users, expiry date, free codes, etc.
  • Example file in the style of a Filemaker module for fast integration
  • Adress database for registrations included
  • Fast batch-generation of codes (for resellers, etc.)
  • Lists with registrations can be printed or exported (XLSX)
  • Email registration details to user (multilingual, choose)
  • Multilingual user interface (english, french, german, spanish)
  • Backup functionality for local files
  • Import/export functions
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Do more with your software solutions!

FM Registrations is a marketing tool!

FM Registrations not only is an encryption tool. Foremost it is a marketing tool. Using FM Registrations allows you to easily sell and license the same software to different customers (with unique codes), but also it allows you to configure your solution and offer your customers a variety of options to choose from. Of course you have to implement that in your solution yourself. Use the options of FM Registrations to differentiate between a low cost product with less functionality and a full version. Sell upgrades more easily, or get additional sales by selling extra functionality.

FM Registrations can be used to configure the same file as a test version or as a full version. Your customer can purchase an upgrade and unlock the full version with a simple code.

FM Registrations also can be used to unlock functions or a software for a specified time. Create limited test versions, or sell software with a yearly fee (build in an expiry date you can upgrade). Similarly you can include a number of users who can simultaneously use your software. Sell upgrades if your customer needs to unlock additional users.

FM Registrations allows you to create unlimited and freely definable triggers (text-codes) to configure other settings in your solution. Unlock modules, functions, versions! Configure your solutions by simply issuing a new code!

With FM Registrations you can

… create license codes for your Filemaker solutions
… license different versions or extensions easily
… sell upgrades and support subscriptions
… do better marketing.

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