FM Starter

Start solution for Filemaker projects

Jumpstart your next Filemaker project!

As a Filemaker developer, you discovered that for every new project you need the same kind of functionality over and over again. Think of a navigation, some kind of user management and security, among other things. It makes sense, to combine these basics into a single starter file, which you can use for any new project.

FM Starter is such a starter file. With it, you can efficiently start new projects.

Rapid development, great results

  • Full access to a proven starter file for Filemaker
  • Set up, instead of creating anew
  • Get new ideas and a good project structure
  • Integrate your own tasks, modules and functions
  • Create beautiful Filemaker solutions
  • Speed up your development time
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Create new projects with ease

Save weeks or months in developing time

FM Starter grew out of our own necessities. The same basic requirements popped up for every new project. To reinvent the wheel or to reimplement the same features over and over again was tedious toil. Wouldn’t it be easiert to create a start file which had all basic requirements already implemented?

FM Starter isn’t a ready-to-go solution for a specific task. For example, it is not an address database (though we included a small example), it is not a CRM or ERP and from itself, it doesn’t solve any specific tasks you might have in mind. FM Starter is the basis to work with. With such a starter file, all projects will start-up much faster. You have a sound project structure, in which you can simply insert your own pages and functions. A user management module and a dynamic navigation can be used right away. All text labels are multilingual and new placeholders are easily generated.

FM Starter is perfect for Rapid Application Development. New projects can be visualised as a working solution within hours after you had your first meeting with a new client. Just add extra pages to the navigation, insert some fields and create a real-life preview of how a new development could look like. It is easy to convince your customers when development is straight-forward and reliable.