10 Themes for FileMaker

Themes for different requirements and a tool for developing your own themes.

The design of FileMaker projects is secondary for many developers. For the customer, however, the design (the layout and structure of the user interface) is the first point of contact with your software. Experience shows that design is at least as important as functionality. Under ideal conditions, the two are well coordinated with each other.

Compatible with FM starter

FM Registrations kann als eigenständige Lösung verwendet werden. But it is also already integrated in FM Starter, our starter file for new FileMaker projects. The decryption module is already built-in in FM Starter. It only needs to be activated and the license keys need to be inserted. The combination of FM Registrations and FM Starter is the fastest way to integrate the solution – because it already is.

FM Designer is a set of 10 themes for FileMaker Pro. It includes:

  • 10 well-balanced themes for FileMaker Pro
  • Color palettes for each theme to use and customize
  • A system to create your own designs
  • Documentation and videos for easy reference
  • Field-tested tips to optimize your own user interfaces.

How to integrate one of the 10 themes from FM Designer?

In your FileMaker file, look for “Import” in the overview of used themes, select the FM Designer file there and import one or more themes. After that, activate the theme for a page and you can apply the style sheets directly.

If you want to adjust the colors or prepare design documents in Photoshop, you can quickly apply the desired color tones using the color palettes provided. Color palettes are available in the Adobe formats .aco and .ase, as well as an Apple system palette for MacOS in .clr format. In addition, there is a PDF overview per theme, with all color tones and color values, and a text file with all values per theme.

10 themes

  • Standard (same theme as in FM Starter, gray tones, quiet)
  • Dark (Dark mode, quiet)
  • Flat Earth (earth tones, calm)
  • Flat Green (shades of green, calm)
  • Blue Sky (blue tones, calm)
  • High Contrast (high light/dark contrasts and color contrasts)
  • Print (for print layouts)
  • Color blind(adapted colors, especially for red/green color blindness)
  • Lollipop (bright colors, for example for POS and kiosk solutions)
  • Screenplay (other possibilities as a starting point: color gradients, background images, etc.)

Style templates and practical help

  • Index of all style sheets with own objects
  • Each theme is displayed on 3 pages: Overview, Side parts, Objects
  • Quick comparison through clear navigation
  • Compare multiple themes in multiple windows side by side
  • Direct switching from one theme to another
  • Two playgrounds for own customizations
  • Easy to duplicate for your own theme developments

Quicker to good result

  • Examples of integration on the overview page
  • 100% Compatible with FM Starter
  • Better layouts in the blink of an eye.


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