Simple Backup 1.4 for FileMaker

Small improvements simplify handling

19. September 2020In News, FMP14By Karsten Risseeuw1 Minutes

It is often the small things that simplify life or practically improve a function. We have now added such a small function to the last update of SimpleBackup.

SimpleBackup is a small FileMaker module that allows you to take snapshots of the current file in local installations. External files can also be included. The snapshots are saved in a directory of your choice, and each backup copy gets a timestamp in the filename.

In version 1.4 there was only a small change: The backup directory is shown after the backup. This function is done with the script command “OpenURL” following the pattern:

“file:/” & [BACKUP PATH]

For this to work, the use for URLs of scripts must be enabled in the security settings.

Simple Backup