UFOs and Card Windows

12. November 2020In Filemaker Examples, FMP19By Karsten Risseeuw2 Minutes

What do UFOs have to do with Card Windows in FileMaker? Not much at first glance. However, at a second glance, a few similarities can be discovered. This makes it easier to understand the characteristics of Card Windows.

How do Card Windows work in FileMaker Pro?

Card Windows were first introduced in FileMaker Pro 16. It was a new type of window. When you use the New Window command in a script, you can specify the type of window. The new type was “Card”. The Card Window was born. First of all, Card Windows were introduced in FileMaker Pro for Mac and Windows. The application for a desktop computer is perfect. WebDirect, the internet edition of FileMaker, was left out. Claris has now made WebDirect for Card Windows compatible with FileMaker Pro 19.

“UFOs and Card Windows”

Under the title “UFOs and Card Windows” there is now an example file to highlight Card Windows in FileMaker Pro. While Card Windows already were introduced in FileMaker Pro 16, it is only this year, that Card Windows became enhanced for WebDirect as well.

While Popover menus were very popular to display detailed data from any record, the Card Window is much more flexible. Unlike popover menus, the card window does not belong to the underlying layout, nor does it need a link to a valid table occurence. A card window, so to speak, can be from anywhere. Consider it an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) until you decide what to do with it. While a card window is much more flexible as a popover window, it does need some extra attention. The biggest benefit though is to simplify and improve user interfaces.

  • How to create a card window
  • One card window displaying multiple layouts (after one another)
  • Menus in card windows
  • Stacked card windows (and alternatives)
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