This example was created based on a presentation titled “UFO’s and Card Windows” for in November 2020. What do UFOs have to do with Card Windows in FileMaker? Not much at first glance. At a second glance, however, a few similarities can be discovered, which exemplify the peculiarities of Card Windows.

How do Card Windows work in FileMaker Pro?

Card Windows were first introduced in FileMaker Pro 16. It was a new kind of window. When using the New Window command in a script, you can specify the type of the window. The type “Card” was specified as new. The Card window was born. To begin with, Card Windows were built into FileMaker Pro for Mac and Windows. The application for a desktop computer is perfect. At that time, WebDirect, the Internet edition of FileMaker, was left out. Claris has now made WebDirect suitable for Card Windows with FileMaker Pro 19.

“UFOs and Card Windows”

Under the title “UFOs and Card Windows” there is now an introduction to Card Windows by Kursiv. This includes the sample file shown in the video. You can find the download link below the video.

Card Windows in FileMaker

Beispieldatei. Benötigt FileMaker Pro 19.
Sample file. Requires FileMaker Pro 19.

Size: 2 MB
Version: 1.31