User Accounts 2

User account management for FileMaker

User Accounts 2 is a FileMaker module which manages FileMaker user accounts with a user table. A few years ago we already released another tool for this task. This newest version though is much improved and simpler to handle.

  • FileMaker based user management module
  • Manage accounts with a user table
  • Every user gets its own FileMaker account
  • The module synchronizes between user table and FileMaker accounts
  • Complete login strategy
  • Set-up as a FileMaker module for easy integration
  • No support for expiring passwords (for this there is FM Starter 2)

The following animated GIF shows how a new account is created. The account also appears properly in the FileMaker security settings.


The module has a step-by-step guide to implement the module into your own solution. It is very simple. Read this guide in the scripts!

The better version is part of FM Starter

This is a free module. There is no support and no further development. Use it as a start for your projects. However, there is a better version, which is also further developed and supported. The better UserAccounts is part of FM Starter, our starter file for new FileMaker projects.

FM Starter