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Adress and contact

Kursiv GmbH
Goldbrunnenstrasse 42
9000 St. Gallen

+41-71-292 20 90


Full company details can be found here.

fmstarter.com is a website by Kursiv Software in St. Gallen, Switzerland.

Filemaker Pro is a registered trademark of Filemaker Inc. in the USA and other countries.

We love what we do

(and it's not just Filemaker)

Kursiv Software
Our main website for sellling software products.
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Kursiv Photo Agency
Everything you need for layout and design: icons, illustrations, fonts and millions of photos to choose from. A perfect source of imagery for creative professionals as well as for software developers who crave for some more impact of their design challenges. Use photos for your website, newsletter, product design and more.

Kursiv Workshops
This website is dedicated to workshops only.
Note: Currently this is not an active site.
Contact us if you are interested in any courses or workshops.

FM Starter
This website, entirely dedicated to Filemaker projects and ideas.
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Art Photography by Karsten Risseeuw
“Photography allows me to see the world from at least 3 different perspectives:
Before the camera, through the camera, and when the image is processed and printed.
It’s all about beauty, discovery, surprises.”