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fmstarter.com is a website of Kursiv Software, St. Gallen, Switzerland.

Filemaker Pro is a trademark of Claris Inc. in the USA and other countries.

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(and this does not only concern Filemaker)

Kursiv Software
Our main website for software distribution and sales.
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Kursiv Blog about stock photography
For over 20 years we ran a picture agency. Although the agency no longer exists, there is still an interest in what is going on in the picture market. Texts in german only.

Kursiv Learning Adventures
Further education, workshops, team experiences, lectures.

FM Starter
This website is completely focused on Filemaker projects and Filemaker ideas.
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Art photography by Karsten Risseeuw
“Photography allows me to see the world from at least three different perspectives: Once in front of the camera, then through the camera, and finally while processing and printing the image. It’s all about beauty, discovery and surprises.” (German only)