Update: FM Registrations 1.5 released

Simpler and better documented

15. October 2020In FM RegistrationsBy Karsten Risseeuw3 Minutes

FM Registrations 1.5 is a major update, although technically not much has changed. These are the changes in the current update:

  • simplified user interface
  • New manuals in German and English
  • New Videos in German and English
  • Adjustment Expiration date in code (see below)
  • Updated example file.

The update is free for current users, as long as the purchase was not made more than a year ago. The update can be downloaded directly from your account on kursiv-software.com.

Simpler handling

FM Registrations has been completely modernized with this update. There is a simpler user interface and the workflows have been streamlined. Overall, the handling as well as the implementation in the own FileMaker application is simplified.

Expiration date is stored as a number

FM Registrations offers the possibility to include an expiration date in the license code. This is especially interesting if you sell the software with annual licenses. However, FileMaker stores a local information in each file, which is retained even if you open and use the file in a different location. FM Registrations has a European date formatting. If the file was opened in the U.S., a definitive expiration date was stored in the European format (corresponding to the locales in the FileMaker file) rather than the American format. This could lead to incorrect dates. More about this in the article “Date formatting in FileMaker”.

Newly a definite expiration date is included as an absolute number in the code. This bypasses the problems of the local information. The date is converted into a number by ReadAsNumber ([Date]). The reconversion is done by LiesAsDatum ( [NUMBER] ) which has to be considered by the developer in his own solution.

The updated example file shows how this works.


FM Unlock

The example file contains the unlock module. This has been renamed to “FM Unlock” to make the function immediately obvious. The module “FM Unlock” has to be integrated into the own file by the developer, so that license codes of FM Registrations are evaluated correctly.

Encryption and decryption is done using a secret code created with the “FM Registrations” application. Read more on the product page.


The product page also contains the manuals and all new videos about the product.