Shop: Download from the order works

WooCommerce product downloads generate an error


Select any file and create a file path for FileMaker

Select any file in FileMaker without any plug-ins.

How do I extend my download access?

Our commercial products come with one year of free downloads and updates. What happens after that?

Better registration emails from FM Registrations

New features and improvements in version 1.60

FM Starter 2.2 released

The latest update is available now

Renewals are cheaper

Get downloads and updates for another year with a cheap renewal

Add-on Lab FREE for FileMaker

Create FileMaker add-ons in no time and learn what matters

Use FileMaker scripts for different tasks at the same time

How to achieve more with your FileMaker scripts

Macbook and accessories. Home office.

A central website for FileMaker developers

An improved resource for FileMaker developers is evolving here

How to recognize iPad and iPhone in FileMaker

The query must be set correctly.


We are now going into the next round - with improvements and enhancements

Card windows in FileMaker Pro

How Card Windows work in FileMaker Pro. Based on the talk "UFO's and card windows".

Update: FM Registrations 1.5 released

Unlock codes for your FileMaker solutions

Date formatting in FileMaker

The importance of localization

File paths in FileMaker – the basics

This example file shows how to set file paths in FileMaker and then use them

Simple Backup 1.4 for FileMaker

Small improvements simplify handling

FM Developer Bundle for FileMaker developers

Complete starter solution for new FileMaker projects

FM Designer brings 10 FileMaker themes to developers

The design of user interfaces made easy. #themes

FileMaker 19 and add-ons

Will the new add-ons in FileMaker 19 replace the concept of FileMaker modules?

Corona Virus: We continue our work

Developing? More so now!

FM Starter: How to login as a developer

Login with any FileMaker account.

FM Starter 2.1 with german manual

German manual, bug fixes and improvements in version 2.1

Super impressed

Testimonial about FM Starter 2

FM Starter 2 now available

FM Starter 2 is now even easier, faster and tidier.

User Accounts 2

FileMaker user account management module.

PhoneNumbers Pro

FileMaker user account management module.

FM Registrations 1.31

Create license codes for your own FileMaker solutions.

WordPress REST API, JSON and FileMaker Pro

A sample file for JSON processing and WordPress connection via REST API with FileMaker Pro.

All Kursiv products are compatible with FileMaker Pro 16

All Kursiv FileMaker products are compatible with FileMaker Pro 16


Backups on mouse click

License key for FileMaker solutions

Sell and license your FileMaker solutions multiple times!


Generic quick search function that works on any page

Bullet Field

Password field with freely selectable characters for masking the text

3 examples of a dynamic navigation with Filemaker

Several examples on how to implement the basics of a dynamic navigation in Filemaker

How to build your own Filemaker Pro system

How to build a system with Filemaker Pro


QuickSort module for FileMaker Pro

FM Starter and Filemaker Pro 15

There are no compatability issues between FM Starter 1.5 and Filemaker Pro 15

FM Starter 1.5 erschienen

The new version FM Starter 1.5 offers improvements, bugfixes and some new functions.

English manual released

English manual for FM Starter 1.2 released.

German manual revamped

The german manual has been revamped, an english manual is on its way.

New website about FM Starter

This is the new website around FM Starter.